Samsung — Flows

Role: Art direction. Credits: B-Reel, Cheil Italy.

Interactive installation which celebrates Samsung’s dedication to design and innovation exhibited at Milan Design Week.


The 21m long and 4m high structure represents a journey from the present into an artistic presentation of the future. It combines intertwining Samsung products with light, digital content and sound, transforming the exhibition space into a fully immersive piece of art.

I was involved in the project from an early stage, contributing to the creative concept and art direction of the piece with a special emphasis on the interactive parts.


The installation comprises three main sections: Deconstruction, Evolution and Future. Each one represents a different part of the journey towards the future.


The Deconstruction part represents Samsung in the present day, exposing all the product parts through a complex structure of hanging elements.

Next, the Evolution section shows the transition of these parts into the digital world. A motion piece displayed across multiple screens shows a flowing stream of the different components dissolving into particles.


Finally, the Future section gives visitors the chance to interact with the installation. Through leap motion controllers visitors can play with the stream of particles.

By simply moving their hands, visitors see how the particles react to their actions revealing hidden images and messages.