Ubisoft — The Insanity Mirror

Role: Art direction, UX, design. Credits: B-Reel, CP & B. Awards: MFWA Site of the day

Talk to your insane alter ego and share it with your friends with this iPhone app created to promote Farcry 3. 


Farcry 3 is an action-packed first person shooter set on a remote island controlled by an army of criminals. There you will have to embrace your darkest side in order to come out alive.

The Insanity Mirror allows users to talk to an insane version of  yourself on the iPhone. To do so users are asked to record themselves reading a specific sentence aloud in front of the phone camera. After extracting the video snippets corresponding to the different phonemes, the app creates an interactive avatar that replies to your questions.

Some frames were blablabla blablablabla blablabla blablablabalbla